NeSt rEsCuE...

DumBo was out with his friend TiMothY MoUse when he saw smoke coming out of a cottage window. "Goodness me!" he cried . " It must be on fire!".

He rushed to the windowand saw an old lady kneeling by the fire. Smoke was billowing out of the chimney. " Drat it!" muttered the old lady. " Why won't this fire burn? my sticks are nice and dry. But there's no draft."

Timothy mouse hopped in through the window , scuttled across the floor and stared up the chimney. There was no day light to be seen at the top- and a piece of twig fell down and hit him on the nose.!

Timothy scuttled back to his friend, Dumbo. " I think there's something on the chimney," he said, rubbing his nose. "Something twiggy."

"Twiggy...." mused Dumbo." Aha! " With Timothy on his back, he flew up to the rooftop and found a large, untidy nest piled on the top of the chimney, with a bird sitting on it.

"Help!" squawked the bird, scared at the sight of Dumbo .

"You do need help,." said Dumbo . "Your nest has a fire under it!"

" What?" shrieked the bird . " Oh no! My eggs will be fried!"

"Slide your nest on to my back," said Dumbo. "Timothy will help you. Then we'll carry your eggs to a safe place."

The mother bird flew beside Dumbo and the put the nest in a hallow tree where she settled down gratefully.

The old lady was grateful too, because with the nest gone, her fire burned beautifully...=)


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