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Night Story.. (Eating Habits)

The sun looked like a great round pot of golden honey. pooh Bear and Christopher Robin were lying on hommocks in the sunny garden. Pooh Bear yawned." Its so hot.  could eat something nice and cold."
     "How about a trifle?" suggested Christopher Robin.
     " A honey trifle would be just the thing," declared Pooh Bear , licking his lips.
     "Oh, I know bout honey," frowned Christopher Robin.
     "Don't worry. I know lots about honey," said Pooh Bear, plodding into the kitchen.
     Sponge mix. Cream. spoon. Fruit. Honey. It was all there. And Pooh Bear filled the two biggest bowls with the most delicious honey trifle you could possibly imagine.
     He woke Christopher Robin up and give him a bowl. Christopher Robin sighed. "You haven't given me a spoon to it with."
     "There's sure to be one in the kitchen," mumbled Pooh Bear, dipping his pow into his trifle.
Christopher Robin came back look…