Assalamualaikum... =)

Hari ni saya menghadiri Modul Kemahiran Insaniah terakhir atau juga dikenali sebagai "Finishing School".
Apa yang menarik perhatian saya hari ini ialah, penceramah dan juga pengisian serta cara penyampaiannya yang the top one, tidak membosankan, and then, tidak begitu formal dan kami lebih santai dalam mengutarakan pendapat masing-masing especially during LDK.

when the penceramah talk about resume, on how to make a good resume for our job interview, I start looking inside my self..... why..? I'll be a worker for the next year!!!!!!!! Insyaa Allah...

we must "sell our self" meaning that, "branding " our self to ensure that we can compete with others to get the job.!! but how????

Analyse our own personality and also people around us. So that we can develop our analytical thinking in some right situation, develop so many skill based on our observation and can excess our potential to grow up our self... =)

Type of Personality:

1. Dominant  
2. Influence
3. Steadiness
4. Compliance

Another word that i had learned for today, PASSIONATE (keghairahan)
# this word told me about the important in doing anything with  my interesting, my intention, my effort and everything are all out la senang... =)  hehehe

one of my lecturers always train us with his passion... and i love it.. i feel like his kids u know..?
hehehhehehe not only me, but also to my classmate.

Thank you Sir.. =)

That's all for tonight... Insyaa Allah, lain hari saya akan berkongsi lagi 'hobi or diari' saya ya... =)

wslam... =)


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